Sunday, May 29, 2011

Seasons? Top 5 Gifts for this Season!

Hey MADE Fans~

In Jackson we have apparently skipped Spring, and are caught jumping back and forth between Winter and Summer.  70 - SNOW - 50 - SNOW etc.  We will see what tomorrow brings!

No matter what the weather, one thing that is for sure - it's Graduation Season!
Our List of  TOP 5 Graduation Gifts from MADE

1.  Glass Belt Buckles from Strapped Belts.  These have been a huge hit around Jackson.  For High School Seniors headed to UW, or somewhere out of state - this is a perfect gift to help them "represent" their Wyoming roots.

For non-Wyomingites - there are hundreds of handmade designs to choose from, and we can even do custom buckles for the school of your choice.

2.  Who doesn't like a good Graduation card filled with cash.  This one might be a little bit inappropriate for some folks, but we have lots.  

We also have lots of Thank You cards, and sets of cards for the Grads to say thanks for all the great gifts, so send them in too.

3.  These laptop shoulder bags are amazing.  Each one is hand sewn using multiple suit coats.  The inside pockets help carry a little bit of everything.  The padded pocket is perfect for a laptop too.

Your new college student will look great walking around campus in style, and no two are the same. Unique, stylish, repurposed, TWEED and hip!

4. Wallets and Checkbooks Wallets made from the softest leather around.  These super popular simple leather wallets/billfolds are all silk screened with different images.  You can easily find the perfect image for your grad.  From bikes, to trees - anatomical hearts - to owls!

We also have matching journals for the student on the go!

5. Oprah loves these and so do we!  These unique little albums are the perfect way to capture senior year.  They hold just a couple dozen photos, so it is not an overwhelming task to fill, and you can capture all the best memories.

Lots of great fabric choices in stock.

We have lots of great items in the store as we gear up for summer so come take a look!


  1. Bought a few of those cards, I want that one!

  2. I love my new leather laptop case.