Wednesday, January 26, 2011


MADE chandelier
Had to share this fan photo that a customer sent us.  Amanda Bausk took some photos in the store while on vacation in Jackson Hole with her Grandparents, and this was the result!  So cool, and a big thanks to Amanda for sharing the photos, and for visiting the store.

Your Valentine WISH

Looking for the perfect Valentine Gift for yourself? 

Ladies, come pick out a couple of ideas for yourself to add to our WISH LIST for your significant other! (What do YOU want for Valentine's day?!)

We have a huge arrangement of glass rings, cuff links, belt buckles & earrings MADE locally by John Frechette

necklaces, wood and shell earrings 

something you may have never known that you wanted.

Come to Gaslight Alley! There is always something new, different
Handmade, Repurposed or Found.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Tram Buckles Now Available @ MADE Tram Buckle available @ MADE

Just like the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort did a last year, Strapped has updated their Tram (buckle that is)

The last tram at the village was big and boxy, not to mention it was kind of slow and held about 60 people.   The NEW tram is sleeker looking, a little more stylish - it's fast and can handle about 100 (most of these numbers I learned from my 4 yr old nephew on the Casper lift yesterday, so don't quote me) 

If you have seen Strapped Glass's last tram buckle you will know that the new one is a lot sleeker, way less boxy, and one customer just told me that it even looked fast!  

The buckles are available at MADE and will be on the web soon @ so take a look and let us know what you think.  The pictured buckle is orange but about 20- colors available!
Come See the New Strapped Glass Tram Buckle and Many More at MADE

Monday, January 17, 2011

Thank You Notes The Kids Can Do

Do it your self stamp set!
With the Holidays behind us the only thing left for the kids to look forward to is writing those Thank You Notes! Right?

Well these Winterscape Stamp Sets will help make it a little less painful and a little more fun.  The set of five stamps are all made of natural rubber, and they use reclaimed wood too.  The sets are fun for thank you notes, but they are sturdy and durable so kids will play with them many times to come.  With the handy box set, when you are done you can just pack it back up and store it all for next time.

We even have the ink pads so no need for a run to Staples!  Stamp Pads come in Black, Blue, Red & Green.

Each set is handmade in San Francisco, and they are sold around the world, but you can get them right here in Jackson, so swing on in and get those kids to work.

Adults Can Get in on the Action too!  Here is one I MADE

Friday, January 14, 2011

Factory Studios Opens Door With Great Success.

Factory Studios
A picture taken a few nights before the Grand Opening shows off the new home of more than a dozen artists in nine private studios.

Last night was the big opening, and while I was in my studio, chatting with folks wanting to see the new digs, and discussing some new projects I have coming up, the streets outside were lined with cars and folks were having a hard time finding a place to park despite the numerous large empty lots of surrounding building that sat empty at the end of the work day.

The line up includes, writers, textile artists, screen printers, glass artists, musicians, activists, bloggers, printers, sculptors, graphic designers, welders, and a whole lot more.

Travis Walker was the brain child behind, Factory Studios and lots more have jumped on board.  I know, I for one, and am excited by the new space, I have been working in there for three months now.  Sometimes I am the only one and others I am surrounded by others working and creating, but the buzz has been building, and if the 1000+ attendance last night has anything to do with it, I think the buzz will continue.  My new studio gives me more room, (I guess anything is better than the dining room table!) and I have already begun to collaberate with other artists.  I am sharing equipment with another glass artist, and learning new techniques, and incorporating silk screening into my designs.

So next time you are getting your car clean or fixed, picking up a UPS package, or cutting through the backway to the High School stop in and say hi.  There is bound to be someone there to show you around, and you might even catch an artist in the act of Creating!

The New Kiln and Dung Beetle by Ben Roth