Monday, January 17, 2011

Thank You Notes The Kids Can Do

Do it your self stamp set!
With the Holidays behind us the only thing left for the kids to look forward to is writing those Thank You Notes! Right?

Well these Winterscape Stamp Sets will help make it a little less painful and a little more fun.  The set of five stamps are all made of natural rubber, and they use reclaimed wood too.  The sets are fun for thank you notes, but they are sturdy and durable so kids will play with them many times to come.  With the handy box set, when you are done you can just pack it back up and store it all for next time.

We even have the ink pads so no need for a run to Staples!  Stamp Pads come in Black, Blue, Red & Green.

Each set is handmade in San Francisco, and they are sold around the world, but you can get them right here in Jackson, so swing on in and get those kids to work.

Adults Can Get in on the Action too!  Here is one I MADE

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